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The Singaporean Says: Climate.


yes there are seasons, according to the National Environment Agency:

Dec - early March: NE Monsoon Season (widespread continuous rain)

Late March - May: Inter-monsoon Period (thunderstorms, at times severe in afternoon and early evenings)

June - September: SW Monsoon Season (windy, short duration showers/thunderstorms)

October - November: Inter-monsoon Period (thunderstorms, at times severe in afternoon and early evenings, wetter than previous inter-monsoon)

Informative report.

It's not a Farce. 

Everything can be categorized and classified. Patterns can always be observed however hard-pressed.

The Singaporean Says: daily-life practicalities of Cultural Diversity.

Two days ago, I went in search of apples.

The choice of apples left was appalling.

And then, overhearing some conversations, it struck me. The hungry ghost festival (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Festival) is here and people are snapping up the apples and the oranges and... whatever for worship.

This is what it means to be Singaporean--it means that I accept and understand that for a while my apples will be uglier when I shop later at night. It means that the non-believers/non-practitioners and non-Chinese tolerate the piles of ashes and food items left along the road. And the more polluted air of course.

Also, seen today: bubble tea (with pearls and the thick straw) left for worship along with the more traditional 发糕!


Happily at Home,

The Singaporean Says: Patriotism.

Just found out that I led in number of 'likes' on the facebook wall of this particular project (it's a small and specific audience [11 likes] still!). I felt compelled to post because friends were involved.

The task: "I wish Singaporeans would..."

I wish Singaporeans to be less rational about patriotism. I love my country, I don't know why and recently I realise that I don't have to know why. That 'irrationality' does not have to be disturbing. Instead, let that love be easy and comforting.
August 11 2010.


(I like what I wrote and what I thought. And still instinctively agree with it. But rediscovering an old assertion is great time to reevaluate oneself and underlying assumptions and emotions.)

The Singaporean Says: School Values.

In the 12 years I spent in public education in Singapore, I attended two schools. These are their values. (each school had vision, mission and values)

ages 7-14 (in SNGS, we had periodic tests during assembly. 1,500 kids writing the following out, in Chinese)

School values: Truth 真诚 Justice 正直 Freedom 自由 Love 博爱

School motto: Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty

Way we live: Roots-

Gratitude and humility 饮水思源
Sisterly Love 姐妹同心
Dignity for all 互相敬重


Lead and serve 发挥潜能 (I feel this translates better into fulfill one's potential)
Create and celebrate 富有创意
Learn from life 活学巧用 (and this should be more of using what you have learnt from life skillfully)

Ages 15-18 - National Junior College

Values: Loyalty with Integrity
Scholarship with Creativity
Leadership with Sensitivity
Service with Honour (and this is the life I aspire towards)

I believe majority of the students go through school not as aware as I was of these values. Perhaps they were not so consciously trying to embody these as well. I believe that I am a product of these values even if they were not exactly inculcated in us* beyond them being recited to us and appearing on school circulars and in the latter case on the school walls and posters. This is me.

*do not take this negatively. That would be unfair to the schools. This is an understatement. There were efforts.

Advisement: Flattery.

Picture: 火焰山。 新疆,中国。

It is not flattery telling me to stop improving myself because I am already good enough or 'perfect'. This is epiphany. [11th July 2011]

Daily Reads: I imagine some may be interested in the following...

In Defence of Antidepressants (3-page! i scanned.) (measured account.)

A list of 10 books ("I did lard my list with great novels relating to social justice: at a time when inequality in America has soared to historic levels, it seems useful to exercise the conscience as well as the imagination. So here’s my quirky list: Best Beach Reading Ever.") (i did less than scan since i have my book plan set)

Measuring hunger. (i like reading alternative methods.) ("The standard approach reveals that in China, the fraction of people consuming fewer than 2,100 calories increased to 67 percent from 53 percent between 1991 and 2001." --> the writer is right to point out this is a bad measurement of increasing hunger in China. WHO NEEDS 2100 CALORIES A DAY!??!? i tentatively propose that the richer one gets the more one is into and is able to afford [if only because you are not a hardworking farmer who needs the calories] weight loss and starving oneself. and seriously, 2100 calories a day is more than sufficient to maintain weight and nutrition in a large segment of the population. we are talking Chinese bodies here...)

"Sex itself may not be dead, but it seems sexual passion is on life support." 

okay i shall stop here and go on scanning.

Daily Reads: 6th July 2011.
Because I spend a significant amount of time scanning articles daily.

Working with Class: Social Workers and the Politics of Middle-Class Identity --> A book I thought (this morning) I should read. I don't remember why.

'War' is a three-letter word, it deserves a short and to-the-point definition.

I don't remember being read to sleep. cultural?

Evolution led to whining being the most annoying sound.

Peter Singer writes about Derek Parfit's book. --> I should read this. I am veering too much towards relativism. I need to be exposed to good defense of objectivity.

Ouch! Light. ("For example, a report published last year in the journal PNAS found that mice exposed to light at night gained more weight than those housed in normal light, even though both groups consumed the same number of calories." --> there is an excuse for anything. And it's all nominally scientific.)

And evolution accounts for fairness as well? ("our exceptional pitching skills — which researchers speculate originally arose to help us ward off predators — probably helped. “We can throw much better than any other primate,” Dr. Wilson said, “and once we could throw things at a distance, all of a sudden the alpha male is vulnerable to being dispatched with stones. Stoning might have been one of our first adaptations.”")

The Singaporean Says: Smile.
i smile when i am on the train at 8am to gain a comparative advantage over the rest of the dour- and sour- faced crowd.

Daily Musings: Writing Purposefully.

I do not necessary have views on the following pieces. This post is about words used purposefully.

http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/wolf37/English (some scientific facts/information if we are more skeptical (likely legitimate though there is no evaluation of that) + some recent news + activist impetus = some kind of Message that OF COURSE is obviously linked to the original fact (in this case that "permits people to make better-informed choices") not that i disagree or agree.)

China's Communist Party at 90 (last line: "China’s Communist Party at 90 is a bit like many 90-year-olds: increasingly infirm, fearful, experimenting with ways to prolong life, but overwhelmed by the complexities of managing it.")

Great Party, but Where's the Communism? (last line: "So when Chinese leaders toast their party’s 90th birthday, they should harbor no illusions that the party can beat history’s odds forever.")

(opinions have so converged that the only factor attracting me to read on is the quality of writing and artful expression.)

Whimsies: Devilishly hellish.

... hellishly devilish? I am casually contemplating the distinctions between the two.

Iron chains in fire.

Picture taken yesterday at Civil Defense Academy, Singapore.

Currently reading: The Master and Margarita.


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