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Daily Musings: Most Emotionally Affective.
Attended a lecture today on the morality of art, actually I thought it was really jsut about what makes good art.

The speaker is a playwright/professor and so..

A point that was made was that Happiness is Boring and that protagonists who seem so close to happiness/success (I have forgotten the exact words since cleaning my room took over my mental capacity) yet do not reach it make for the most moving/touching/best stories.

Perhaps for the protagonist.

But for the audience, I believe that the most emotionally affective story is one in which the protagonist thinks that he has reached happiness yet the audience knows that he has not. He does not know what he has missed. It works like dramatic irony.

And then you leave the audience wondering 'perhaps that's me, I think I am happy now and that I have reached my peak yet... perhaps that's me... perhaps I just am not knowing what I am missing.'

That to me is the most emotionally affective. (at least this is how i think today)


(and to add, statements like 'happiness is boring' make my heart cringe even as I agree.)


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