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Whimsies: Favourites.

Taken: 21st April 2011. Bowing to the Sun in a Park to 'At Last' by Etta James. It was 4 eternal minutes and I smiled and breathed and sighed and settled.

My favourite sound is the sound of raindrops on my umbrella.

My favourite physical sensation is a smile slowly spreading.

My favourite sensation in context is to have just gotten off the train, still right at the edge of the tracks, the train moves on, wind in my hair, my dress brushing my skin, leaving me, stationary and resisting the movements of the world.  

My favourite mood is that of happiness at the moment, with no end in sight yet with an end in mind.

My favourite sound out of context (for there cannot always be rain) is the sounds of the city (and this is not contextual because I always [for a given value of 'always'] AM in a city) mixed with the music in my head.

My favourite mode of emoting is to talk to myself most of the time berating. Well it's not my favourite but it is my most common... so I guess this is for a next post then... 'My Most Commons.'


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