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Daily Dreams: Oxygen Masks.
On the flight back to Singapore from Chengdu, I had the following dream:

Peimin is sitting beside me on the flight. Something went wrong and the plane loses height. Oxygen masks prance off the top of the inflight entertainment screens (the flight I was really on had no personal inflight entertainment) and mine does not prance out. I woke Peimin up and told her to hurry with the mask. As we help ourselves, I observe a flight attendant rushing a troop of 7-8yearolds sitting around the centre of the plane off to a side wing of a plane where there are rooms. I imagine one of the rooms to have sufficient oxygen such that each individual kid does not need a mask.

And then I heard the announcement (note that this is reality. Past tense.): landing in 20 minutes. The dream suddenly made sense since the plane WAS descending.


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