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Daily Musings: Writing Purposefully.

I do not necessary have views on the following pieces. This post is about words used purposefully.

http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/wolf37/English (some scientific facts/information if we are more skeptical (likely legitimate though there is no evaluation of that) + some recent news + activist impetus = some kind of Message that OF COURSE is obviously linked to the original fact (in this case that "permits people to make better-informed choices") not that i disagree or agree.)

China's Communist Party at 90 (last line: "China’s Communist Party at 90 is a bit like many 90-year-olds: increasingly infirm, fearful, experimenting with ways to prolong life, but overwhelmed by the complexities of managing it.")

Great Party, but Where's the Communism? (last line: "So when Chinese leaders toast their party’s 90th birthday, they should harbor no illusions that the party can beat history’s odds forever.")

(opinions have so converged that the only factor attracting me to read on is the quality of writing and artful expression.)


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