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Daily Reads: 6th July 2011.
Because I spend a significant amount of time scanning articles daily.

Working with Class: Social Workers and the Politics of Middle-Class Identity --> A book I thought (this morning) I should read. I don't remember why.

'War' is a three-letter word, it deserves a short and to-the-point definition.

I don't remember being read to sleep. cultural?

Evolution led to whining being the most annoying sound.

Peter Singer writes about Derek Parfit's book. --> I should read this. I am veering too much towards relativism. I need to be exposed to good defense of objectivity.

Ouch! Light. ("For example, a report published last year in the journal PNAS found that mice exposed to light at night gained more weight than those housed in normal light, even though both groups consumed the same number of calories." --> there is an excuse for anything. And it's all nominally scientific.)

And evolution accounts for fairness as well? ("our exceptional pitching skills — which researchers speculate originally arose to help us ward off predators — probably helped. “We can throw much better than any other primate,” Dr. Wilson said, “and once we could throw things at a distance, all of a sudden the alpha male is vulnerable to being dispatched with stones. Stoning might have been one of our first adaptations.”")


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