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Daily Reads: I imagine some may be interested in the following...

In Defence of Antidepressants (3-page! i scanned.) (measured account.)

A list of 10 books ("I did lard my list with great novels relating to social justice: at a time when inequality in America has soared to historic levels, it seems useful to exercise the conscience as well as the imagination. So here’s my quirky list: Best Beach Reading Ever.") (i did less than scan since i have my book plan set)

Measuring hunger. (i like reading alternative methods.) ("The standard approach reveals that in China, the fraction of people consuming fewer than 2,100 calories increased to 67 percent from 53 percent between 1991 and 2001." --> the writer is right to point out this is a bad measurement of increasing hunger in China. WHO NEEDS 2100 CALORIES A DAY!??!? i tentatively propose that the richer one gets the more one is into and is able to afford [if only because you are not a hardworking farmer who needs the calories] weight loss and starving oneself. and seriously, 2100 calories a day is more than sufficient to maintain weight and nutrition in a large segment of the population. we are talking Chinese bodies here...)

"Sex itself may not be dead, but it seems sexual passion is on life support." 

okay i shall stop here and go on scanning.


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