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The Singaporean Says: School Values.

In the 12 years I spent in public education in Singapore, I attended two schools. These are their values. (each school had vision, mission and values)

ages 7-14 (in SNGS, we had periodic tests during assembly. 1,500 kids writing the following out, in Chinese)

School values: Truth 真诚 Justice 正直 Freedom 自由 Love 博爱

School motto: Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty

Way we live: Roots-

Gratitude and humility 饮水思源
Sisterly Love 姐妹同心
Dignity for all 互相敬重


Lead and serve 发挥潜能 (I feel this translates better into fulfill one's potential)
Create and celebrate 富有创意
Learn from life 活学巧用 (and this should be more of using what you have learnt from life skillfully)

Ages 15-18 - National Junior College

Values: Loyalty with Integrity
Scholarship with Creativity
Leadership with Sensitivity
Service with Honour (and this is the life I aspire towards)

I believe majority of the students go through school not as aware as I was of these values. Perhaps they were not so consciously trying to embody these as well. I believe that I am a product of these values even if they were not exactly inculcated in us* beyond them being recited to us and appearing on school circulars and in the latter case on the school walls and posters. This is me.

*do not take this negatively. That would be unfair to the schools. This is an understatement. There were efforts.


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